Last pictures from Khartoum

Corinthe 5* hotel

Train and bus station

Abri parfait contre le vent pour la nuit!

Pyramids of Meroe Camping right on the site but windy in the night > dust in the morning....

sudanese settlements made in clay bricks

first sandstorm. dry air, no sun and very hot!!!

strong tail wind

Merowe pyramid site!

as usual, shelter from the wind for the night

Camping site, with and without water supply

Morning sun at the sudanese border

first kilometers in Egypt land

Finally reached the Nasser Lake

ferry to Abu Simbel

Ramses Temple in Abu Simbel

Beautiful view from Aswan in on the Nile bank

Idfou and the Orus Temple!!!

Karnak Temple in Luxor

Luxor West Bank

See you soon...