Last pictures from Erbil

Fish BBQ

First ascent out of Erbil

First hospitality

Dokan city

Up and down

Tea break

What a tough climb !!but rewarding view

On the way to Qhandil Valley

Rwanduz city

Unfortunatly, still many places with UXO from the past war

Cable car of the ski Resort in Rwanduz

Shanidar Cave with the first settlement of Neandertal mans. 70000 years ago

Amedi town

Old entrance of the Citadella of Amedi

Old Sadam Hussein Palace...


Still just a ruin, but offer an amazing camping spot!

Nabil and his familiy from the refugee camp of Bawidiga, cooked for me a delicious traditional “Dolma”

Iraqi border

Finally after more than 5 years around the World, Im back in Turkey

Thank you so much to all the  Iraqi Kurdish people, I’ve learned so much about your past, present and futur...

See you soon